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2 March 2022

Statement from the Association of Ukrainians in Tasmania

On the Invasion of Ukraine

The Association of Ukrainians in Tasmania is horrified at the events unfolding in Ukraine at the present time.  We wish to express our unified support and offer sincere condolences to relatives, friends and citizens of Ukraine and the global community affected by the tragic circumstances unfolding in Ukraine.   

However, we know that this war is not new.  Despite Ukraine’s declared Independence in 1991, since 2014, President Putin has increased pressure on Ukraine through, amongst other acts, the annexation of Crimea and increased influence in the Donbas region. The escalation and invasion of Ukrainian as part of Putin’s expansionist policies is another act that must not be tolerated.  The implications of Moscow’s war in Ukraine are continuing to have significant and global consequences. 

In recent years, Ukraine has been strengthening its democracy and economy, and dealing with corruption. This has increased its status globally.  Ukrainians value their unique culture and heritage, and are by their very nature are humble, honest, and passionate people. We embrace opportunity and optimism as way of managing the challenges experienced through historical struggles.

The Ukrainian community in Tasmania is diverse. It consists of those who arrived in 1948 as displaced persons and their descendants, as well as arrivals from Ukraine in last 70 years who have chosen to make Australia their home.  As a migrant community, Ukrainians wish to unite with the broader Australian community and seek a unified friendship in opposing the unnecessary, violent, and aggressive actions on the people of Ukraine.

Any offer of support – whether it be an act of kindness, an active voice or merely a prayerful thought, will be a affirmation of human resolve and kindness.

The Association of Ukrainians in Tasmania was established in 1954 and currently supports members all over the state, from Hobart to Burnie and beyond.  We welcome new members of Ukrainian descent, as well as associate members from the broader community who wish to support our Association and members.  We encourage those interested in finding out more about the Association, and how you may help Ukrainians in Australia and abroad, please Use the Contact FORM



(Under Review 2022)

Considering the health, safety and support needs of our community

Dear all,

As we are sure you are aware the COVID 19 Pandemic is currently causing major disruption around Australia and the world, with current emphasis on ensuring the virus is contained, and the spread, halted.  Like other states around Australia, Tasmania has enacted a State of Emergency, and travel is restricted into the state.  In addition, there are specific things all of us can do such as practising personal hygiene and social distancing as recommended by Health authorities. For further information, please visit the below website.  If you require a print of this information, please let us know:


The Association of Ukrainians in Tasmania is committed to the health and safety of our community and doing what we can to help.  If you or your family need assistance with shopping or other practical need, or are feeling isolated at this time, please call us on 62734471 for assistance.  Even if it is for a chat, we are happy to provide support. The phone line will be temporarily diverted to the President’s mobile to ensure a timely response.

In addition to social support, the Association has enacted several measures :

  • advise when activities resume:
  • 4th Sunday gatherings have Resumed
  • The publication With Ukrainian Greetings is still available – alternative delivery arrangements for local orders will be arranged as pick up from the hall is temporarily suspended.
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitising procedures is in place. The Tenant at the Hall is complying with the enhanced cleaning and sanitising procedures:
  • Hand sanitiser is readily available: anyone entering the hall can/should sanitise their hands
  • All surfaces (including door handles, light switches etc) to be wiped down before visitors leave the hall (on each instance).

The Divine Liturgy has resumed in the Chapel. ( See Church Tab )

In summary, the Association wishes you and your family good health, and encourages anyone to reach out if they require support.  We thank you for your patience, and will be in touch with updates to our activities when the situation changes.


Management Committee of the Association of Ukrainians in Tasmania

Media Statements can be viewed on the Front Post or NEWS page


Please note:  All members should arrange to renew their membership subscriptions by contacting the treasurer  ASAP. Many renewed at the AGM but those not present have other options.

If anyone from the local community has any suggestions regarding the Web site or events, please use the website contact form



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