Some historical  information about the Association and related images.

Pictures will be progressively added after the Reunion/Gathering of March 2012

Dance Troop during the 1970's

1958 Academia at Moonah Community Hall, L-R O. Myhowycz; M. Ladaniwskyj & Halytskyj.

Original Hall pre-2005, was located at 201 Main Rd Moonah site (Now Harvey-Norman)

1956 St Mary’s Cathedral, L –R: Mr & Mrs Lupatniuk; A. Kozak; S. Haluszczak; B. Lypka; unkown; M. Kozak; M. Didocha; S. Brach; M. Bakun; M. Zapotockij & I. Ladaniwskyj

Academia at Moonah Community Hall 1960's