Ukr. Web TV

Ukrainian TV will direct you straight to Ukraine’s First Channel (ПЕРШИЙ Національний).  On the left hand side of the page you will see the options available to switching to other Ukrainian channels, including  1+1, ICTV, Inter, NTN, STB, TRK Ukraina…

You will note that there are some channels on the list that don’t work.

If we find links to some of these or other channels not shown on tv.vnutri, we will post them below:

NOTE:  Most of the channels play off Windows Media Player 11.

Other channels:

5 Канал (5 News Channel)
24 – Телеканал новин
(24 News Channel)
Aкадемія   (Аcademy)
Буковина  (Bukovyna)
Львів 12
(Lviv 12)
РАДА  (Rada Parliamentary Channel)

TV  Programme  Listings

Here is a programme guide to a number of the TV channels listed above.  The guide is updated daily but (from Mondays) you can also check what programmes are scheduled for the week ahead.

First National – Перший Національний
Inter – Інтер
Ukraine World Service – ДТРК Всесвітня Служба “УТР”